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The United Arab Emirates and the United States share a rich history of cooperation and partnership. These two nations continue to be reliable allies, a relationship born of a shared desire to create a peaceful and stable Middle East. From these roots, this relationship has grown to extend into economic and cross-culture sectors to produce positive global impact beyond the Arabian Gulf Region.

The Oasis Foundation of Washington DC was created to support charitable activities within the United States to further the cultural ties between nations.

Under the guidance of Oasis Foundation founder Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, the Oasis Foundation seeks new opportunities to find common ground and mutual respect. To fulfill this purpose, the Oasis Foundation is accepting proposals for endeavors that meet this goal.

This grant is open to charitable organizations in the United States that focus on one of five key areas:

  • Investment in educational development
  • Innovation in science and technology
  • The promotion of the arts and culture
  • Developing youth, families and strong communities
  • The promotion of environmental awareness and protection

The UAE is committed to cross-cultural investments, as evidenced through partnerships with The Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, New York University, the Louvre, and the Guggenheim Museum. Through philanthropic initiatives, the Oasis Foundation will address the needs of communities throughout the United States by working directly with U.S. charitable organizations.

The application process is conducted on a rolling basis.


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